Culfa, O., Tallents, G. J., Rossall, A. K., Wagenaars, E., Ridgers, C. P., Murphy, C. D., Dance, R. J., Gray, R. J., McKenna, P., Brown, C. D. R., James, S. F., Hoarty, D. J., Booth, N., Robinson, A. P. L., Lancaster, K. L., Pikuz, S. A., Faenov, A. Ya., Kampfer, T., Schulze, K. S., Uschmann, I. and Woolsey, N. C. (2016) Plasma scale-length effects on electron energy spectra in high-irradiance laser plasmas. Physical Review E, 93. 043201. ISSN 1539-3755

An analysis of an electron spectrometer used to characterize fast electrons generated by ultraintense (1020Wcm−2) laser interaction with a preformed plasma of scale length measured by shadowgraphy is presented. The effects of fringing magnetic fields on the electron spectral measurements and the accuracy of density scale-length measurements are evaluated. 2D EPOCH PIC code simulations are found to be in agreement with measurements of the electron energy spectra showing that laser filamentation in plasma preformed by a prepulse is important with longer plasma scale lengths (>8 μm).

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