Shayeghi, Hossein, Moradzadeh, Mohammad, Ghasemi, Ali and Vandevelde, Lieven (2014) Multi-objective design of multi-stage fuzzy stabilizer using modified Honey-Bee mating optimization. In: 2014 18th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing (ICSTCC). IEEE, pp. 769-772.

This study proposes a new Multi-Stage Fuzzy Stabilizer (MSFS) in order to damp low-frequency oscillations in multi-machine power systems. The proposed MSFS is tuned by Modified Honey-Bee Mating Optimization (MHBMO) method which improves the local and global exploration of the standard HBMO method by changing the queen's speed reduction coefficient with a new parameter adjustment process. The objective functions are defined as time-domain and eigenvalue-based functions which are optimized by the MHBMO method. The obtained results on New England 10-machine 39-bus test system show the good performance of the suggested MHBMO-tuned MSFS.

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