Moradzadeh, Mohammad and Boel, René (2010) A hybrid framework for coordinated voltage control of power systems. In: 2010 Conference Proceedings IPEC. IEEE, pp. 304-309. ISBN 978-1-4244-7399-1

Modeling and simulation of increasingly complex power systems is becoming more important for design, implementation and validation of power system on-line management. Current special-purpose tools are generally weak in the sense that they are mostly block-oriented and thus demand a huge amount of manual rewriting to get the equations into explicit form. Moreover, modification and examination of their encapsulated component models is very time-consuming and often practically impossible. This paper describes an efficient hybrid framework for modeling and simulation of power systems in the interest of coordinated voltage control and stability analysis using Modelica as a general-purpose object-oriented language. The proposed hybrid framework has been tested on a 12-bus power system. Simulation results show that the interaction between continuous dynamics of the power system and hybrid automata representing the discrete logical controllers and also nonlinear behavior of load dynamics can easily be studied in the proposed framework. On the other hand, the high speed of the simulator allows any coordinated control strategy to be effectively verified as countermeasure to arrest voltage collapse.

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