Kumar, Prashant (2015) Design and Development of an Optical Chip Interferometer For High Precision On-Line Surface Measurement. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Advances in manufacturing and with the demand of achieving faster throughput at a lower cost in any industrial setting have put forward the need for embedded metrology. Embedded metrology is the provision of metrology on the manufacturing platform, enabling measurement without the removal of the workpiece. Providing closer integration of metrology upon the manufacturing platform will improve material processing and reliability of manufacture for high added value products in ultra-high-precision engineering. Currently, almost all available metrology instrumentation is either too bulky, slow, destructive in terms of damaging the surfaces with a contacting stylus or is carried out off-line. One technology that holds promise for improving the current state-of-the-art in the online measurement of surfaces is hybrid photonic integration. This technique provides for the integration of individual optoelectronic components onto silicon daughter boards which are then incorporated on a silica motherboard containing waveguides to produce a complete photonic circuit.
This thesis presents first of its kind a novel chip interferometer sensor based on hybrid integration technology for online surface and dimensional metrology applications. The complete metrology sensor system is structured into two parts; hybrid photonic chip and optical probe. The hybrid photonic chip interferometer is based on a silica-on-silicon etched integrated-optic motherboard containing waveguide structures and evanescent couplers. Upon the motherboard, electro-optic components such as photodiodes and a semiconductor gain block are mounted and bonded to provide the required functionality. Optical probe is a separate entity attached to the integrated optic module which serves as optical stylus for surface scanning in two measurement modes a) A single-point for measuring distance and thus form/surface topography through movement of the device or workpiece, b) Profiling (lateral scanning where assessment of 2D surface parameters may be determined in a single shot. Wavelength scanning and phase shifting inteferometry implemented for the retrival of phase information eventually providing the surface height measurement. The signal analysis methodology for the two measurement modes is described as well as a theoretical and experimental appraisal of the metrology capabilities in terms of range and resolution.
The incremetal development of various hybrid photonic modules such as wavelength encoder unit, signal detection unit etc. of the chip interferometer are presented. Initial measurement results from various componets of metrology sensor and the surface measurement results in two measurement modes validate the applicability of the described sensor system as a potential metrology tool for online surface measurement applications.

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