Mishra, Rakesh, Albarzenji, Dlir, Shrawasti, Sahare, Sendanayake, Isuru and Pradhan, Suman (2015) Flow diagnostics. In: FLUVISU 2015, 16th - 20th November 2015, Pleumeur-Bodou/Lannion, France.

The measurement of flow properties within fluid handling systems is of utmost importance for efficient operation and control of such systems. For single phase flow systems, extensive research has been carried out world over to diagnose the flow properties both globally and locally. Considerable advancements are being made to perfect these technologies. For multiphase flows there is still a lot of scope for technological development that needs to take place to diagnose the flow conditions accurately efficiently and effectively. In this present paper two methods are described that can be used effectively for measurement of flow properties in solid-liquid flows and gas-liquid flows. One of the methods relies on isokinetic sampling used in conjunction with impact probe for the determination of solid distribution and solid velocity in solid-liquid flows through a pipeline. The other method relies on electrical resistance method to calculate local flow velocity corresponding to the dispersed phase as well as volume fraction and interfacial area concentration.


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