Lamidi, Kafayat. K (2015) Empowering Research Entrepreneurial Leadership for the Development of Entrepreneurial Universities. In: ICSB 2015 World Conference Proceedings. International Council for Small Business (ICSB), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, pp. 1-8. ISBN 978-0-9819028-7-6

In this conceptual paper, the characteristics of research entrepreneurial leadership (REL) are identified in the context of entrepreneurial higher education institutions (HEIs). It is argued that researchers are primary actors in the entrepreneurial university (Entre-U), and are thus crucial in the development of entrepreneurial HEIs. Drawing on existing literature on EL and Entre-U, the paper scrutinises the general determinant factors that influence researchers’ role toward the socio-economic development of the country. These were identified as internal and external characteristics as presented in the literature. These factors characterised the researchers and their activity at the individual, departmental, university and institutional levels. Through the examination of the reality of REL, this paper aims to contribute to the new fields of EL and Entre-U with the hope to encourage researchers to participate more in entrepreneurial activity such as spin-off activity and creation of new firms as well as seeing the uniqueness in research as a career rather than as alternative choices for unemployment and become research leaders. The article does not only target the researchers, it also aimed at signalling to the wider academic community and HEI policy makers, pointing out how to support, instil and steer researchers toward entrepreneurial activity. Finally, the paper suggests and addresses how future research can develop further the conceptualisation and characterisation of REL to advance the theoretical depth and empirical investigation and to support the legitimacy of these characteristics.

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