Bryson, Valerie (2008) From making tools to making love: Marx, materialism and feminist thought. In: GEXcel Work in Progress Report. Tema Genus Report Series No. 6: 2008 – LiU CFS Report Series No. 7: 2008 – ÖU, II . Institute of thematic gender studies, Dept. of Gender Studies, Linköping University, Sweden, pp. 23-36. ISBN 978-91-7393-983-6

I came to feminism rather later than many of my generation. Although my ideas have changed and evolved, two things remain constant: that inequalities between women and men are real, important and unjust – not just effects of discourse, not just a matter of history - and that the goal of feminist theory should be to expose and understand oppressive gender relationships in order to contest them. In other words, feminist theory has an overtly political role, not simply to interpret and understand
the world, but to help identify the kinds of political strategies that might change it.

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