Tong, Zhen, Luo, Xichun and Sun, Jining (2014) Investigation of a scale-up manufacturing approach for nanostructures using multi-tip nanoscale diamond tool. In: Proceedings of the 14 th international conference of the european society for precision engineering and nanotechnology. Euspen, pp. 347-350. ISBN 9780956679031

Increasing interest in commercializing functional nanostructured devices heightened the need for cost effective scale-up manufacturing approaches for nanostructures. Diamond turning using multi-tip single crystal diamond tools is a new promising approach to the fabrication of micro/nano structures. In this paper, a serial of nanometric face cutting trails on copper using multi-tip nanoscale diamond tools has been carried out to indentify the nanomanufacturing capacity of this technique under different cutting conditions. The dependency between processing parameters and the surface integrity of the machined nanostructures are discussed. Moreover, large scale molecular dynamics (MD) nanometric cutting model is developed to simulate the nanostructures generation process. The simulation results well reveals the material removal mechanism and explains why structure defects are more likely to be formed in the cases of large depth of cut and high cutting speed observed in experiments.

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