Xiao, Shaojun, Jiang, Xiang, Blunt, Liam and Scott, Paul J. (2001) Comparison study of the biorthogonal spline wavelet filtering for areal rough surfaces. International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 41 (13-14). pp. 2103-2111. ISSN 08906955

Research into techniques for areal surface analysis has recently included wavelet filtering. The requirements for filtering surface analysis include: linear phase shift; finite pulse response and perfect reconstruction — only biorthogonal wavelets satisfy these conditions. The biorthogonal spline wavelet is considered for areal surface characterisation due to the curvature of the surfaces considered as examples. In this paper, the models and algorithms of biorthogonal B-spline and cubic spline wavelets are introduced. The lifting algorithm is used as a simple tool for design of spline wavelets. Bioengineering surfaces are used to test and compare the two kinds of wavelet filters to obtain the rough surfaces.

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