Tian, Gui Yun, Zhao, Z. X. and Baines, R. W. (2000) A Fieldbus-based intelligent sensor. Mechatronics, 10 (8). pp. 835-849. ISSN 0957-4158

This paper presents an infrastructure and its function of an intelligent sensor based on a frequency output sensor and Fieldbus. The intelligent sensor embeds the extra functionality into a sensor/instrument, given the availability of internal computing power and digital communications. An approach to designing the intelligent sensor based on Fieldbus is presented. With the approach, the functionality of self-calibration, self-compensation, self-validation and comprehensive communication of the sensor is described. An intelligent sensor applying computing algorithms for separating sensor data errors and predicting sensor status is introduced. An algorithm for blind source separation is introduced. In the end the test results and conclusions are provided.

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