Bonner, John V.H. (2015) The pit at the end of the road: soundscape. [Audio]

Soundscape: The original is 25 minutes long and supports an exhibition called, 'The pit at the end of the road' being held between 2 February – 31 May 2015 at the National Coal Mining Museum near Wakefield in West Yorkshire. The exhibition depicts Painter, Michael Milner’s personal recollections of coal mining. Most of the sounds were created on site with the assistance of Sally-ann Burley and Gwendolen Whitaker. The soundscape creates a sense of domestic place close to a pit during the 1960s while also moving through different seasons. The sounds were produced or selected in order to resonate with this period. The intention is to augment the paintings and photographs without obtrusion. Therefore the transitions are slow often with minimal presence in order to remain supplementary to the exhibition. Some of the recordings were obtained from the British Library Audio archive or from with permission.


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