Georgakoudis, Elias D (2014) Packaging operations within the Greek logistic industry. Evaluating and redesigning paper packaging in compliance with environmental regulations. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Packaging occupies an indispensable part of everyday life. Even though packaging is
meant to ensure that products arrive in excellent condition, so as to satisfy required needs,
more often than not, consumers, as well as industrial users are more interested in the product
itself than its packaging. However, if the packaging fails, the product is potentially unfit to
serve its purpose. In order to meet the demands of industry, the packaging industry in Greece
has evolved, mainly through new investment. This investing has boosted the market by
adding quality to the products and affects corporate efficiency in a positive way. Industrial
operations are subject to environmental legislation, such as the 94/62 EU Packaging and
Packaging Waste Directive, which aims at optimising the various methods used in reprocessing
the packaging materials after their having been used.
The literature review enables comprehension of particular issues pertinent to the
discussion on packaging, since it draws attention to various kinds of paper packaging. This
research explores the role and importance of paper packaging in the supply chain and in
proposing improvements that may ameliorate current packaging practices.
This research project explores packaging operations, as well as the issues related to the
packaging supply chain, with respect to the Greek market. Moreover, it seeks to identify the
occurrence of impediments, which arise as a result of inner operating discrepancies between
the European Union countries, regarding the implementation of Directives such as the
Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC).
Key issues related to packaging are thoroughly scrutinised in this research. Among them,
the relation between packaging and the environment is investigated, the overpackaging issue,
along with packaging redesign, are examined, as they are all interrelated facets of the
research, regarding the endeavour to enhance packaging performance. Therefore, packaging
performance is examined in relation to some major aspects such as warehousing, storage,
and transportation, as well as how to improve packaging expenditure. From this point of view,
the issues examined are subsequently connected to the analysis of the current environmental
problems and the ways to minimise them.
This study includes not only a survey of both the market and the supply chain but also
of the participants in them. A detailed case study of multiple respondents’ categories was
developed for this reason. The data, which were collected through a specially designed
questionnaire adjusted to the various categories of the respondents, were treated and
analysed in order to assist the conclusions.
Following the above, this research delves deeply into issues of paramount
significance, such as overpackaging and packaging redesign, approaching them with
laboratory methods. The research applies both theoretical methods, based on the literature,
and common industrial practices. Originating from industrial sources, the data give evidence
to the reliability of the results, adding insight into the issues investigated.
Furthermore, this research points out the potential to significantly ameliorate a
company’s packaging performance through analysing and conducting crucial modifications to
packaging design. Problems such as the packaging legislation and the discrepancies related
to it among countries, not only of the EU but also of those not belonging to it, are thoroughly
investigated, showing the unstable market circumstances created due to the rivalry among
countries, which stems from inadequate legislation.

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