Fieldhouse, John D. (2007) An investigation of the pad/disc dynamic centre of pressure using a 12 piston opposed caliper. In: 25th Annual Brake Colloquium and Engineering display, Orlando, Florida.

Pressure-sensitive film embedded into the body of a pad friction compound is a unique technique used to measure the dynamic center of pressure at the pad/disc interface during a normal braking operation. This paper uses of a modified 12 piston opposed caliper where the initial center of pressure may be varied both along the pad and radially. Results show a very definite movement of the center of pressure towards the center of the pad as the brake pressure is increased. In addition it is seen that a leading center of pressure (CoP) will result in noise whereas a trailing CoP gives a quiet brake. Equally a CoP towards the inner edge of the pad increases noise propensity whereas towards the outer edge a quiet brake. The results also show little influence on the CoP with disc speed.

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