Thurairajah, N., Amaratunga, Dilanthi and Haigh, Richard (2007) Women's educational attainment and their experiences in construction education. In: 3rd Annual Built Environment Education Conference of the Centre for Education in the Built Environment, 12-13th September 2007, University of Westminster, Central London.. (Unpublished)

In this modern era as women are becoming more viable and valuable contributors to the
management, organisations are indeed realising their importance and increasing their
concern with regard to retaining and promoting women. However women’s educational level
with regard to construction becomes a major barrier for women’s career in construction.
Although there is a greater awareness regarding construction related professional activities
such as engineering and architecture among advanced level students and undergraduates,
the status of the industry as a career opportunity does not compare favourably with other
options. Frequently it has been noticed that educational segregation leads to occupational
This study identifies women’s educational attainment in the field of construction and explores
the difficulties of women students in construction higher education. Further it identifies the
initiatives to facilitate women’s access to higher education. This study has been based on an
analysis of theoretical and practical ideas obtained through a comprehensive literature
review with the hope that it will help human resource practitioners in developing women’s
careers towards the management of construction organisations and to facilitate women’s
future prospects

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