Unver, Ertu and Taylor, Andrew (2009) 3D modelling and programming of multiplayer virtual technical support game environment in Art, Design & Architecture. In: University of Huddersfield Research Festival, 23rd March - 2nd April 2009, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, United Kingdom.

The focus of the research poster is to present the first phase development of an online 3D virtual interactive workshop for use as a learning support environment for enhanced health and safety learning through gaming for product, transport, interior design courses and wider ADA students using industrial machinery in the School of Art, Design & Architecture. The objective is to create a 3D interactive learning game that on campus and off campus students can use to familiarise themselves with the workshops and take a H&S pre-test within the virtual environment before using an actual industrial machine in the live busy workshop. The learner can see where important areas are located and how machinery operates.
The Virtual art and design workshop has been developed by 3D Digital design research group through University research funding. The research group comprises of two academics, two undergraduate 3D product and one transport design student, a post graduate MA 3D Design student. This is the first phase of the project which focuses on modelling and also includes game engine testing and adding physics interactivity. The virtual workshop is accurately modelled to scale and is fully interactive and fitted with virtual models of industrial design and engineering machinery, laser cutters, computer suite and all studio furniture and equipment. The buildings, interior details and all machines in the physical workshops were photographed as used as templates for creating accurate 3D models. The researchers used Solidworks to model all machines and the interior building structures, exterior fittings, furniture, lighting and textures were modelled and added in Alias Design Studio. The 3D models were transferred into online game engine Virtools, adding coding for single user interaction on a keyboard or joystick. In the first phase a single user controlled avatar is active in the environment and extra avatars were programmed to stand or move around to populate the workshop.

Research Poster
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