Lazaridis, Pavlos, Zaharis, Zaharias D., Skeberis, Christos, Xenos, Thomas D., Tziris, E. and Gallion, P. (2014) Optimal design of UHF TV band log-periodic antenna using invasive weed optimization. In: 4th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Vehicular Technology, Information Theory and Aerospace & Electronic Systems (VITAE) 2014. IEEE. ISBN 978-1-4799-4626-6

A powerful evolutionary method called Invasive
Weed Optimization (IWO) is applied to achieve optimal designs
of log-periodic antennas. The antennas are designed for
operation in the UHF-TV band, i.e. 470-860 MHz, and are
optimized with respect to the standing wave ratio (SWR), the
front-to-rear (F/R) ratio, and the forward gain. The parameters
under optimization are the dipole lengths, the dipole diameters,
the distances between adjacent dipoles and the characteristic
impedance of the transmission line that feeds the dipoles. The
optimized antenna geometries that resulted from the above
method seem to be significantly better than the respective ones
derived from the classical design method.

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