Lu, Joan (2014) Big Data Age vs. Mobile Age - A Huge Challenge for Both Areas. In: The Fourth International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation, July 20 - 24, 2014, Paris, France.

This tutorial addresses a new challenge in today's emerging technology, i.e., the big data age vs. mobile age. The talk will present a historical research background; brief introduction for big data context and mobile age impact to the real world; essential facing problems in big data issues, e.g., software, hardware, environment, and knowledge, etc.; existing popular products of big data in the market; native XML database in big data; mobile generating big data in multidisciplinary applications; an abstract model for mobile response technology; mobile and big data in people's life, i.e., what mobile can do for the people's life; challenges of big data in mobile age; finally, what will be the next step for big data applications.

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