Wattis, John and Seymour, J. (2000) Alcohol abuse in elderly people: overview and summary. In: Alcohol and Coffee Use in the Aging. Modern Nutrition, 32 . CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group, Tucson, USA. ISBN 9780849322570

Addresses the effect of alcohol on neurological and mental functions
Provides rehabilitation and treatment options for the elderly with alcohol-related problems
Examines a variety of issues, including cancer, the immune system, social problems, and treatment options for the elderly
Serves as an ideal resource for clinicians, gerontologists, researchers, and healthcare professionals

As we age, our physiology changes. Also, we tend to place less emphasis on proper nutrition. The more elderly we grow, the less resistant we become to major diseases such as cancer and heart disease. This state of affairs renders the elderly more vulnerable to alcohol and other drugs of abuse. Alcohol and tobacco are routinely used together. Chronic exposure to these substances bring devastating consequences to bear on the elderly and often lead to their premature death.

Alcohol and Coffee Use in the Aging provides a detailed discussion of how alcohol affects the elderly, particularly in regard to the major health problems it causes. The book also examines the many physiological and cognitive changes that alcohol brings about. This book also addresses the role and effects of caffeine as a major factor contributing to insomnia in the elderly, as well as its association with hypertension and cancer.

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