Aburass, Ali, Yangchun, Guo, Tie, Wang, Fengshou, Gu, Ball, Andrew and Brown, D.R. (2014) Investigation of the Effect of Biodiesel Blends on Fuel Injection Pumps based on Vibration and Pressure Measurements. In: VETOMAC-X 2014, 9-11th September 2014, Manchester Conference Centre (Days Hotel), University of Manchester, UK. (Submitted)

Amongst alternative fuels for diesel-engine application, biodiesel is very attractive because it is biodegradable, an environmentally-friendly and sustainable source that can meet future energy demands. However, there are few published studies of the impact of biodiesel fuel and its blends on fuel injection pumps (FIPs). This study will investigate the influence of biodiesels derived from waste cooking oils with incremental blends of B10, B20, B30, B40 and B100. The FIP in this study is a rotary type attached to a four-cylinder, four-stroke direct injection, turbocharged diesel engine. Vibration and pressure measurements were made on the FIP. The results show the peak pressure close to the pump increases slightly the higher the proportion of biodiesel because of increased viscosity, density and bulk modulus of the fuel. Low frequency vibration increased as the proportion of biodiesel increased. These results demonstrate an increase in dynamic load on the pump components. However, high frequency vibration levels are lowest for the blends B10, B20 and B30, which may be helpful for improving the service life of the delivery.

Investigation_of_the_Effect_of_Biodiesel_Blends_on_Fuel_Injection_Pumps_based_on_Vibration_and_Pressure_Measurements.pdf - Accepted Version

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