Klaib, Alhadi and Lu, Joan (2013) Development of Database Structure and Indexing Technique for the Wireless Response System. In: Proceedings of The Third International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation. Infocomp 2013 . IARIA, Lisbon, Portugal, pp. 110-116. ISBN 978-1-61208-310-0

The relevance of this paper to the topics of the
conference is that this paper provides a contribution to the area of systems communications, since this paper participates
in the improvement of the Wireless Response Systems (WRS). In more detail, the rapid development of computer and wireless technologies improves many aspects of daily life. The objective of this research is to develop a database for the WRS in order to gain an efficient, fast, and reliable database
management system. Furthermore, this research proposes a generic database structure for the Wireless Response System. Moreover, it investigates and studies advanced database
indexing techniques and then performs a comparison between them. Subsequently, this work makes an argument to find out the most appropriate indexing technique for the WRS.
Consequently, this research has achieved a great deal of success and has met the objectives and aims. To conclude, a framework for the Wireless Response System database has been developed. Additionally, the B+ Tree and Hash indexing
techniques have been examined successfully. Thus, it is found that the B+ Tree is a powerful technique for this particular system.

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