Cerutti, Federico, Giacomin, Massimiliano, Vallati, Mauro and Zanella, Marina (2014) A SCC Recursive Meta-Algorithm for Computing Preferred Labellings in Abstract Argumentation. In: 14th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR), 20th - 24th July 2014, Vienna, Austria.

This paper presents a meta-algorithm for the computation of preferred labellings, based on the general recursive schema for argumentation semantics called SCC-Recursiveness. The idea is to recursively decompose a framework so as to compute semantics labellings on restricted sub-frameworks, in order
to reduce the computational effort. The meta-algorithm can be instantiated with a specific “base algorithm”, applied to the base case of the recursion, which can be obtained by generalizing existing algorithms in order to compute labellings
in restricted sub-frameworks. We devise for this purpose a generalization of a SAT-based algorithm, and provide an empirical investigation to show the significant improvement of performances obtained by exploiting the SCCrecursive schema.

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