Evans, C. K. and Allen, Claire (2012) Exploring interactive possibilities: the journey so far. [Video] (Unpublished)

The University Teaching and Learning project ‘Engaging the digital native: Developing a high fidelity product visualisation archive to support teaching & learning’ is supported by two short films ‘Ryedale’ and ‘Exploring interactive possibilities: the journey so far’. Due to the nature of the project informal recordings took place at key stages throughout the project, during meetings, interviews and projects in order to visualise the research conducted, its methods and findings.

The following papers related to this project can be found in the repository:

Allen, C., & Evans, C. (2011). Going beyond the obvious: Engaging fashion design and reflection and self motivated investigation.

Evans, C., & Allen, C. (2012). Undergraduate student research skills for the 21st century: Pedagogical investigation for engaging the millennials beyond surface learning.

Exploring interactive possibilities

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