Donnelly, S. E., Ingram, D. C. and Armour, D. G. (1979) An experimental study of the trapping and release of krypton in nickel. Radiation Effects, 42 (3-4). pp. 179-184. ISSN 0033-7579

An experimental study is reported of the trapping and release of krypton implanted into nickel at low energies (< 3 keV). The experimental technique used was Thermal Evolution Mass Spectrometry. Various peaks have been observed in the release rate spectra at temperatures similar to those for the inert gases helium, neon and argon, indicating that the trapping and release behaviour of krypton in nickel is not significantly different from that of the other gases. In common with the other gases an important parameter which defines the overall form of the evolution spectrum was found to be implanted gas distribution.

Saturation curves for Kr incident on Ni (111) and Ni (110) have been obtained and indicate that gas retention is greatest for higher energy implantation into the more transparent (110) surface. For 3 keV Kr+ incident on Ni (110) the maximum quantity of gas retained in the target was found to be 2.5 × 1015 ions cm−2

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