Guo, X., Leung, Andrew Y.T., Chen, A.Y., Ruan, H.H. and Lu, J. (2010) Investigation of non-local cracking in layered stainless steel with nanostructured interface. Scripta Materialia, 63 (4). pp. 403-406. ISSN 13596462

A recent experiment of layered stainless steel with nanostructured interface has suggested that a brittle interface can lead to an overall structure with high ductility. Here a cohesive finite element method is employed to investigate the paradox of a brittle nanostructured interface (nanograined interface layer) and a ductile layered stainless steel. Parametric studies show that the more brittle the nanograined interface layer is, the more micro-cracks the nanograined interface layer has, and the more ductile the layered stainless steel is.

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