Zhou, Ronghui, Zolotas, A.C. and Goodall, Roger M. (2010) 9 DOF railway vehicle modeling and control for the integrated tilting bolster with active lateral secondary suspension. In: UKACC International Conference on Control 2010, 7th - 10th September 2010, Coventry, UK.

This paper discusses the integration of tilting bolster and active lateral secondary suspension control in high speed railway vehicles with the consideration of lateral, roll and yaw dynamics of the vehicle body and two bogies. The work aims to further prove efficiencies of the active lateral secondary suspension control on improving the tilting control system performance within a full vehicle model. The symmetric strategy controlling tilt actuators with the same signal is used to implement the tilting control law. Direct implementation of the complementary filter skyhook damping control and modal control approach are used to control lateral actuators. Merits of the whole strategy are shown via simulation and appropriate comparisons.

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