Zamzuri, Hairi, Zolotas, A.C. and Goodall, Roger M. (2008) Tilt control design for high-speed trains: a study on multi-objective tuning approaches. Vehicle System Dynamics, 46 (sup1). pp. 535-547. ISSN 0042-3114

This paper presents work on a hybrid fuzzy control scheme to improve the performance of tilting trains using a nulling-based tilt strategy. Two multi-objective genetic algorithm tuning methods (MOGA and NSGAII) were employed to optimise both the fuzzy output membership functions and the controller parameters. The objective functions incorporated the tilt response and roll gyroscope signals for the deterministic (curved track) profile, and lateral acceleration for the stochastic (straight track) profile. Simulation results discuss the effectiveness of using the presented techniques for tuning the fuzzy control scheme via multiple objectives. The proposed scheme is compared with the conventional nulling-tilt approach and a manually tuned fuzzy controller.

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