de Souza Neto, J. M. R., de Macedo, E. C. T., Batista, M. L. N., Cavalcanti, T. C. M., Guedes, E. C., da Rocha Neto, J. S. and Glover, Ian (2012) Early progress in the development of a radiometric PD location system. In: 2012 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference Proceedings. IEEE, pp. 129-133. ISBN 9781457717734

A low-cost, free-standing, radiometric, partial discharge wireless sensor network (PD WSN) is described for application to real-time condition monitoring, asset management and operations optimization in the future smart grid. The proposed PD WSN uses a novel approach to PD location which obviates the need for synchronization between sensors thereby improving scalability. Progress in the development of several components for a prototype PD WSN is described.

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