Liu, Lu, Xu, Jie, Russell, Duncan, Davies, John K., Webster, David, Luo, Zongyang and Venters, Colin (2012) Dynamic service integration for reliable and sustainable capability provision. International Journal of Systems Science, 43 (1). pp. 79-96. ISSN 0020-7721

The move towards network enabled capability (NEC) by the UK Ministry of Defence is designed to achieve enhanced military effect through the networking and coherent integration of existing and future resources including sensors, weapon systems and decision-makers to achieve a more flexible and responsive military. This article addresses the existing reliability and sustainability issues of large-scale military systems and proposes new architectural approaches of dynamic service integration for NEC to adapt to evolution occurring in services and capability for constructing next-generation software-intensive military systems. The reliability and performance of the proposed architectural approaches have been verified through modelling and simulation of service-oriented architecture for NEC and demonstrated through developing and testing a NEC system for a region surveillance capability scenario. The experimental results indicate that the proposed architectural approaches provide a high level of reliability and sustainability in the provision of NEC.

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