Jones, Stephen M.R., Glover, Ian, Watson, Peter A. and Howell, R.G. (1991) Analysis of INTELSAT-V scintillation data. In: Antennas and Propagation 1991: International Conference Proceedings. IEEE, pp. 379-382. ISBN 9780852965085

A four year study of attenuation and depolarization on an INTELSAT-V satellite link operating in the 11/14 GHz bands at a low elevation angle (10°) was conducted by British Telecom Research Laboratories from June 1983 to May 1987, followed by a shorter dual beamwidth study from July to December 1987 using the 11 GHz beacon. Scintillation has been analyzed from the data mainly associated with rain fading, with some identifiable dry data. High-pass filtering was applied to separate the more rapid component of the fluctuations from the underlying trend of rain fading. Short term, long term and worst case statistics of the `de-rained' signal and spectra of illustrative events and of the database average are presented

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