Sadeghzadeh, R.A., McEwan, N.J. and Glover, Ian (1993) Simulation of hydrometeor scattered signals effect on communications systems BER. In: Proceedings of IGARSS '93 - IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium. IEEE, pp. 306-308. ISBN 9780780312401

Hydrometeor scattered signals originating from one system have the potential to interfere with other independent systems. It is conceivable that the effect of such interference (as measured by BER) in digital communications receivers may depend not only on the hydrometeor scattered signals gross power but also on its temporal and/or spectral characteristics. One way of testing whether or not this is the case is to generate signals characteristics of hydrometeor scatter and observe their effect on the BER of a communications system. A cheap, flexible and convenient way of implementing such a test is to use numerical simulation

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