Shan, Qingshan, Glover, Ian, Moore, P. J., Portugues, I. E., Watson, R. J., Rutherford, R., Atkinson, R. and Bhatti, Shahzad (2008) Laboratory Assessment of WLAN Performance Degradation in the Presence of Impulsive Noise. In: 2008 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference. IEEE, pp. 859-863. ISBN 9781424422012

A laboratory test to assess the impact of impulsive noise on the performance of WLAN equipment is described. The test is put in the context of a larger programme of work to assess the performance and reliability of wireless equipment subject to partial discharge noise in high voltage electricity supply substations. The character of partial discharge and WLAN technology are briefly reviewed. The laboratory test methodology is reported and some preliminary results are presented. A related forthcoming field-trial for tests of WLAN equipment in a 275/400 kV air-insulated substation is briefly described.

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