Sadeghzadeh, RamezanAli Ali, Glover, Ian and McEwan, N.J. (1993) Short-term characterisation of hydrometeor scattering channel. In: Antennas and Propagation 1993,8th: International Conference Proceedings. IEEE, pp. 400-405. ISBN 9780852965726

The problem of hydrometeor scatter at oblique angles is central in assessing the magnitude of interference between two independent radio communication systems operating in the same frequency band. A large portion of the frequency spectrum is re-used by various services and in these bands hydrometeor scatter constitutes one of a number of interference mechanisms which could result in a degradation of the quality of service. Scatter of this type causing co-channel interference can be classified as bistatic inter-system co-channel interference. To assess the systems importance of hydrometeor scatter (especially with respect to BER in digital communications systems) a simulator which generates signals with the correct temporal and spectral characteristics has been developed. The first-order statistical characteristics in time and frequency domains for CW transmissions have been found using the simulator and tested against known results as a method of simulation validation

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