He, Yun (2007) Exploring the Inconsistent Translations of Lüyoujü: Also on Chinese-English Lexicography. Journal of Yunan Normal University(Teaching and Research on Chinese as A Foreign Language Edition), 5 (1). pp. 45-48. ISSN 1672-1306

The proper name of a government organization is unique and its translations must be standardized and consistent;however,an exploration of the English versions of the official websites of tourism administrations at provincial level across China reveals a surprising inconsistency of the English translations of lüyoujü.The paper then analyzes the entries of lüyoujü in a couple of Chinese-English dictionaries and reveals some imperfection inside,which is likely to mislead translators.Thus,to uniform and standardize the translation of government organizations like lüyoujü some suggestions have been proposed.