Kollar, László E. and Farzaneh, Masoud (2007) Modeling the evolution of droplet size distribution in two-phase flows. International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 33 (11). pp. 1255-1270. ISSN 0301-9322

A theoretical model is developed in the present study to simulate droplet motion and the evolution of droplet size distribution (DSD) in two-phase air/dispersed water spray flows. The model takes into account several processes which influence DSD and droplet trajectory: droplet collision and coalescence, evaporation and cooling, gravitational settling, and turbulent dispersion of dispersed phase. The DSDs determined by the model at different locations in a two-phase flow are evaluated by comparing them to experimental observations obtained in an icing wind tunnel. The satisfactory coincidence between simulation and experimental results proves that the model is reliable when modeling two-phase flows under icing conditions. The model is applied for two particular examples in which the modification of DSD is calculated in two-phase flows under conditions describing in-cloud icing and freezing drizzle.

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