Kollar, László E. and Farzaneh, Masoud (2009) Modeling the dynamic effects of ice shedding on spacer dampers. Cold Regions Science and Technology, 57 (2-3). pp. 91-98. ISSN 0165-232X

Effects of ice-shedding-induced cable vibration on spacer dampers are studied by applying a dynamic model. The model is based on the authors' recent development, which is improved here by applying spacer properties obtained experimentally. The model simulates cable vibration and bundle rotation at mid-span, where the spacer is attached to the cables, as well as the spacer deformation and forces acting on the spacer during the vibration of twin, triple and quad conductor bundles. Ice accumulation on a spacer may change the latter's elastic and damping properties, whose influence on the vibration is considered in the model together with the effect of varying cable properties. Simulation results show how the risk of bundle collapse and the load on the spacer is reduced when the number of subconductors in the bundle is increased. The model also predicts that the most important property which can reduce forces acting on the spacer during vibration is spacer damping, whereas the bundle rotation is affected to the greatest extent by cable damping.

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