Alvi, Atif, Nabi, Zubair, Greaves, David J. and Mehmood, Rashid (2011) Intra-vehicular verification and control: a two-pronged approach. International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems, 2 (3/4). pp. 248-268. ISSN 1471-0242

Modern vehicles are equipped with hundreds of embedded networked components with computational, sensory and actuation powers. Reliable functioning and interaction of these components are vital for the safety of the vehicle and its passengers. We present an architecture that deals with the intra-vehicular network at both component and system levels. At the component level, our technique formally verifies compatibility of each component with the rest of the system. At the system level, we provide means to define overall behaviour by using first-order logic rules in an ontological space. Overall, we eliminate the hazards associated with integrating heterogeneous components in a car network domain and enable a knowledgeable user to define network behaviour easily.

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