Chen, Xiaomei, Wan, Yu, Koenders, Ludger and Schilling, Meinhard (2010) Measurements of dimensional standards and etalons with feature size from tens of micrometres to millimetres by using sensor strengthened nanomeasuring machine. Measurement, 43 (10). pp. 1369-1375. ISSN 02632241

A laser focus sensor and a contact inductive sensor have been coupled to an ultra high precision positioning stage, referred to as a nanomeasuring machine (NMM), for measurements of dimensional standards with a large measurement volume of 25 mm x 25 mm x 5 mm. Control and measurement software have been designed and complemented. The measurement uncertainty of strengthened NMM has been analyzed and discussed. Groove depth and step height standards with feature heights of tens of micrometres to millimetres as well as aspherical surface etalons are calibrated by nanomeasuring machine. The paper also introduces a method for characterising the measured aspheric surface by least square fitting the measured data to a quadratic paraboloid function. The obtained quadratic coefficients are compared to that measured by a conventional coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and a stylus profiler, showing a good agreement.

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