Vallati, Mauro (2010) MacroSatPlan: Combining macro and SAT planning. In: Doctoral Consortium of 20th International Conference on Automated Planning & Scheduling, 12th-16th May 2010, Toronto, Canada.

Planning based on propositional satisfiability is a powerful approach for computing makespan-optimal plans. However, it is usually slower then heuristic-based suboptimal approaches. In this work we propose MacroSatPlan; a SatPlan based planner which exploits macros extracted by Macro-FF and uses a predictive model of the optimal solution length that is constructed by WEKA, a commonly used toolkit of machine learning algorithms. First we briefly present the SatPlan approach. Then we describe the architecture of MacroSatPlan. Finally we present the results of an experimental study evaluating MacroSatPlan.

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