Abdul-Rahman, Hussein S., Gdeisat, Munther A., Burton, David R., Lalor, Michael J., Lilley, Francis and Abid, Abdulbasit (2008) Three-dimensional Fourier Fringe Analysis. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 46 (6). pp. 446-455. ISSN 01438166

Over the years two-dimensional Fourier Fringe Analysis (2D-FFA) has demonstrated both its capability and its relative robustness in analysing fringe patterns within a short time-frame from static objects. Nowadays, there is an increasing demand to measure dynamic objects. Today 2D-FFA is seen as a fast and flexible method of processing fringe patterns for dynamic objects. But it is still inherently a 2D approach, i.e. it deals with three-dimensional data (video sequences) on an individual 2D frame-by-frame basis. In this paper, a novel three-dimensional Fourier Fringe Analysis (3D-FFA) algorithm is proposed to demodulate fringe pattern sequences taken from dynamic objects. This technique processes the stack of fringe patterns as a single 3D volume, not as a set of individual 2D frames that are each processed in isolation. The proposed algorithm has been evaluated on both computer simulated and real dynamic objects. Results show that the proposed technique is able to demodulate fringe pattern volumes successfully.

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