Baeza, Luis, Vila, Paloma, Xie, G. and Iwnicki, S. (2011) Prediction of rail corrugation using a rotating flexible wheelset coupled with a flexible track model and a non-Hertzian/non-steady contact model. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 330 (18-19). pp. 4493-4507. ISSN 0022-460X

This paper presents a model for simulating vehicle–track interaction at high frequencies for investigations of rail roughness growth. The dynamic interaction model developed employs a substructuring technique and the whole system consists of a number of substructures that can be modelled independently. The systems are coupled through the forces at the wheel–rail contact and the railpad. A coupled, rotating flexible wheelset, a flexible track model and a non-Hertzian/non-steady contact model have been implemented and results are presented here for a free wheelset on a symmetrical track system with initial random and sinusoidal roughness. Both rigid and flexible wheelsets are considered.

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