Frith, Lucy, Blyth, Eric and Farrand, Abigail (2007) UK gamete donors' reflections on the removal of anonymity: implications for recruitment. Human Reproduction, 22 (6). pp. 1675-1680. ISSN 02681161

BACKGROUND: In 2005, UK legislation was changed requiring any donor of gametes or embryos used in the treatment of others to agree to the disclosure of their identity to any offspring reaching the age of 18.

METHODS AND RESULTS: This paper analyses responses of a survey of existing donors' views on the removal of donor anonymity that was undertaken by the Department of Health (UK) as part of its review that preceded changes to the law on donor anonymity. The survey provides an insight into what it is about the loss of anonymity that some donors find problematic, indicating that although some donors will be reluctant to donate under conditions of non-anonymity, others have concerns about the removal of anonymity that can be addressed.

CONCLUSIONS: This paper identifies factors, in particular counselling, support and better information that could maintain gamete donor recruitment in the context of the UK's policy of non-anonymous and non-remunerated donation.

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