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Lim, Liza (2016) City of Falling Angels on CD7, Darmstadt Aural Documents, Box 3. [Audio]

Lim, Liza (2016) How Forests think, for sheng & ensemble, 40', Ricordi Berlin Sy4484/01. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2016) Ronda - The Spinning World, 16', Ricordi Berlin, Sy.4499. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2016) The Weaver's Knot on 'Arditti String Quartet, Gifts and Greetings'. [Audio]

Lim, Liza (2016) An ocean beyond earth, 16', Ricordi Berlin, Sy.4635. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2016) The turning dance of the bee, for ensemble, 15', Ricordi Berlin, Sy4454/01. [Composition]


Lim, Liza and Ness, Jon Øivind (2015) Cikada Live at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. [Audio]

Lim, Liza (2015) Solitude. [Audio]

Lim, Liza (2015) Creative isomorphism between object, idea and states of consciousness. In: 2nd International Conference on Music and Consciousness, 14-17 April 2015, Oxford University, UK. (Unpublished)

Lim, Liza (2015) Speak, be Silent (18') violin concerto, Ricordi Berlin Sy4433/01. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2015) Tree of Codes, opera (90') for 3 singers and ensemble, libretto by Lim after Jonathan Safran Foer, Bruno Schulz, Goethe & Foucault. Ricordi Berlin Sy.4264/01. [Composition]


Lim, Liza (2014) The Weaver's Knot, score for string quartet, Ricordi Berlin Sy.4352. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2014) Winding Bodies: 3 Knots for ensemble, Ricordi Berlin, Sy.4378/01. [Composition]


Clarke, E., Doffman, Mark and Lim, Liza (2013) Distributed Creativity and Ecological Dynamics in Liza Lim’s Tongue of the Invisible. Music and Letters. ISSN 0027-4224

Lim, Liza (2013) Tongue of the Invisible, WERGO WER68592. [Audio]

Lim, Liza (2013) Liza Lim, Orchestral Works. [Audio]

Lim, Liza (2013) A mycelial model for understanding distributed creativity: collaborative partnership in the making of ‘Axis Mundi’ (2013) for solo bassoon. In: Performance Studies Network Second International Conference 2013, 4th-7th April 2013, Cambridge, UK.

Lim, Liza (2013) Axis Mundi for solo bassoon. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2013) Wild Winged-One. [Audio]


Lim, Liza (2012) 3 Angels. [Composition]

Clarke, Eric, Doffman, Mark and Lim, Liza (2012) Distributed Creativity in 'Tongue of the Invisible'. In: 12th ICMPC -­ 8th  ESCOM  Joint Conference, 23-28 July 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece. (Unpublished)

Lim, Liza (2012) Patterns of Ecstasy. In: Darmstadt contributions to new music. Schott Musik, pp. 27-43. ISBN 9783795708160

Lim, Liza (2012) Tongue of the Invisible – Co-creative processes between composition, performance and improvisation. In: SPEEC: Symposium for Performance of Electronic and Experimental Composition: “Building an Instrument”, 6-7 January 2012, University of Oxford. (Unpublished)


Lim, Liza (2011) 3 Angels. Escalier du Chant (44). pp. 1-4.

Lim, Liza (2011) Tongue of the Invisible (2011). [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2011) Gyfu (gift), 2011. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2011) Sonorous Body. [Audio]


Cassidy, Aaron, Barrett, Richard, Johnson, Evan, Hübler, Klaus K. and Lim, Liza (2010) Strange forces. [Audio]

Bellamy, Mary, Harrison, Bryn, Cassidy, Aaron and Lim, Liza (2010) Transference. [Audio]

Lim, Liza (2010) Ehwaz (journeying). [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2010) The Guest. [Composition]

Lim, Liza and Defilla, Peider A. (2010) Music Viva, Forum der Gegenwarts musik, Musica Viva: Pearl, Ochre, Hair String. [Video]

Lim, Liza (2010) Pearl, Ochre, Hair String. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2010) Songs found in dream. [Audio]

Lim, Liza (2010) Wild Winged One. [Audio]

Lim, Liza (2010) Invisibility. [Audio]


Lim, Liza (2009) Invisibility. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2009) Staging an Aesthetics of Presence. Search: Journal for new music and culture (6).

Lim, Liza (2009) Ochred String. [Audio]

Lim, Liza (2009) The Four Seasons (after Cy Twombly). [Composition]


Lim, Liza (2008) The Navigator. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2008) Sensorium. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2008) Sonorous Body. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2008) Well of Dreams. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2008) The long forgetting. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2008) Ochred string. [Composition]

Lim, Liza and Ford, Andrew (2008) Liza Lim. In: Talking to Kinky and Karlheinz. ABC Books, Sydney, Australia. ISBN 9780733320088

Lim, Liza (2008) Weaver-of-fictions. [Audio]


Gruchy, Jane and Lim, Liza (2007) Alchemical Journeys. Part Two: Liza Lim. Resonate Magazine.

Gruchy, Jane and Lim, Liza (2007) Alchemical Journeys. Part One: Liza Lim. Resonate Magazine.

Lim, Liza (2007) Wild-winged one. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2007) Weaver-of-fictions. [Composition]

Lim, Liza (2007) Red, White, Black: Three stages of illumination. In: Judith Wright: Conversations. Judith Wright, pp. 49-52. ISBN 9780646478203

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