Adams, Michael A., Burton, A. Kim, Dolan, Patricia and Bogduk, Nikolai (2007) The biomechanics of back pain. Churchill Livingstone. ISBN 978-0-443-10068-0

An up-to-date review of the latest research in the field of mechanical back pain. Covers ground not previously covered in books (just published in journal articles and so inaccessible to many practitioners). Written at a level appropriate for clinicians and undergraduates. Fully illustrated with high-quality colour photographs of the relevant pathology as well as line diagrams to illustrate the biomechanics. The book provides the 'missing link' in the wealth of literature available on back pain. Back pain affects a large percentage of the population at some time and its effective management has a significant effect on the health and employment economy and on the workload of manual therapy practitioners and orthopaedic surgeons. In order to plan treatment and management effectively it is important to understand the underlying biomechanics. This book provides the basis for that understanding. Written by four of the foremost researchers in the field (all well known internationally through their research, publications and international speaking). They are a multidisciplinary team representing some of the main market groups

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