Townsley, Jill (2008) satie 840. In: Unnatural Histories: Catalogue for the exhibition 'Unnatural Histories', curated and written by Myriam Blundell. Bow Arts Trust, London, p. 22.

"The notion of nature's continuity, stability and consistency through time and space is equally evoked in the work of Jill Townsley's Satie 840. Inspired by Erik Satie's vexations composed in 1893 for Piano, the work translates the act of repeating a musical motif 840 times, which references the viewer to the cyclical nature of life, its permanency. Things that appear to be constant are in fact always changing. Even though we believe we are surrounded by worlds of things which remain identical through time, reality furnishes a world in constant flux with no underlying structure or identity.”
Blundell, M. (2008)

Montage of stills from video installation
Available under License Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives.

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Jill Townsley, Unnatural Histories, 2008 (in catalogue)
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