Bliss, N., Bordas, Joan, Fell, B.D., Harris, N.W., Helsby, W.I., Mant, Geoff R., Smith, W. and Towns-Andrews, Elizabeth (1995) W16.1: A new fixed wavelength diffraction station at the SRS Daresbury. Review of scientific instruments, 66 (2). pp. 1311-1313. ISSN 0034-6748

Station W16.1 is a fixed wavelength (1.4 Å) x‐ray diffraction station recently constructed and commissioned at the SRS. It has been designed specifically for time‐resolved studies of noncrystalline and fibrous materials and optimized for low angle measurements. Wide angle diffraction will also be available with simultaneous small and wide angle scattering/diffraction a future facility. In order to perform dynamic (∼1 ms) low angle measurements on weakly scattering systems, the station design has had to incorporate several novel features so as to achieve the predicted 1×1013 photon/s at the specimen.

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