Lewis, Robert A., Rogers, K. D., Hall, Christopher J., Towns-Andrews, Elizabeth, Slawson, S., Evans, Andrew, Pinder, S. E., Ellis, I. O., Boggis, C. R. M., Hufton, Alan P. and Dance, D. R. (2000) Breast cancer diagnosis using scattered X-rays. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 7 (5). pp. 348-352. ISSN 0909-0495

Small-angle X-ray diffraction data has been collected from 99 `core-cut' breast tissue specimens representing a number of different pathologies. Data in the range 75–1390 Å have been compared with controls from patients with no breast disease. Bessel functions and Bragg maxima resulting from the fibrillar structure of collagen have been identified. The Bragg maxima indexed onto a 649 Å lattice. Systematic differences in the intensities and D-spacings between the collagen of malignant, benign and normal tissue groups have been clearly demonstrated and quantified. These differences appear to be due to a significantly lower structural order within the malignant tissues. Possible explanations for this are discussed and the potential for utilizing this observation in cancer diagnosis is considered.

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