Chrystyn, Henry, Elfituri, H., Sherif, F.M. and Elmahaishai, M.S. (2006) 18-month progestogen-only contraception during breast-feeding in Libyan women. Pan Arab Medical Journal (5). pp. 28-32.

This study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy and the influence of progestogen-only contraceptives (POCs) in
postpartum lactating mothers over a period of 18-months. 250 mothers were randomised to either the study
groups or the control group. In the study groups, 100 mothers were given an oral progestogen pill; lynestrenol and
another 100 mothers were assigned to injectable progestogens; depot medroxy-progesterone acetate (DMPA) and
norethisterone oenanthate (NET EN), 50 each.The control group (n=50) was given nonhormonal methods.There
was no contraceptive failure or negative influence on lactation among the medication groups.There were no
significant differences between the groups with respect to the continuation rates and to the adverse effects that led
to premature discontinuation. In conclusion, POCs can be used by lactating mothers effectively and safely for at least
18 months.Therefore, the wide use of these methods should be recommended if the international targets to
protect, promote and support breast-feeding as well as family planning are to be achieved.

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