Gaskill, K. and Peploe, G. (2006) Diorama. [Video] (Submitted)

Diorama is the first piece in an ongoing series exploring what it means to re-present a journey occurring in real-time elsewhere.

As part of Futuresonic2006, Karen Gaskill and Gary Peploe captured live footage from both sides of a barge moving up and down the Bridgewater Canal in Manchester, UK. After each journey was over, the recorded footage was played back as a parallel screen installation in a shipping container situated at the Museum of Science and Industry. The start point of the footage coordinated with the boats departure and arrival times, thus creating a mirror effect between the two venues.

This action was repeated for each journey the boat made, offering the audience a virtual vantage point upon the moving barge, and exploring notions of virtuality, delay and observation.

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