Hearn, Jeff, Muller, Ursula, Oleksy, Elzbieta H., Pringle, Keith, Chernova, Janna, Ferguson, Harry, Holter, Oystein Gullvag, Kolga, Voldemar, Novikova, Irina, Ventimiglia, Carmine, Lattu, Emmi, Olsvik, Elvind, Tallberg, Teemu and Millett, Jackie (2001) The Social Problem of Men: Deliverable 7: Interim Report on National Reports on Statistical Information on Men’s Practices from Workpackage 4. Project Report. CROME: Critical Research on Men in Europe, Helsinki, Sweden. (Unpublished)

This Interim Report constitutes Deliverable 7 of the Thematic Network. It is a Summary Report of the 10 national reports produced within Workpackage 4. The first workpackage reviewed relevant academic and analytical literature on men’s practices within each country. The second workpackage reviewed relevant statistical information on men’s practices within each country, and the third reviewed law and policy on men’s practices. This fourth workpackage has examined newspaper representations on men and men’s practices within each country. While both these workpackage national reports and this workpackage summary report need to be read in association with those of the first three workpackages, we have attempted to make this summary report understandable in its own right. For this reason there is some repetition of key issues introduced in Workpackages 1, 2 and 3 summary reports on research, statistical information, and law and policy, respectively. We particularly draw attention to previous discussions in Workpackage 1 in each country on: a) national/societal gender situation, including broad shifts in masculinity formations, and the relationship between different masculinities; and b) general or basic texts on men and masculinities, including the growth of focused studies.

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