Hearn, Jeff and Lattu, Emmi (2000) Finland national report on research on men's practices workpackage 1. Project Report. CROME: Critical Research on Men in Europe, Helsinki, Sweden. (Unpublished)

(i) There are a considerable number of research studies that provide information on men and men’s practices. Some of these are focused on men; some are gendered but not necessarily in relation to men; some are not focused specifically on men, and either do not discuss in any detail that they are studying men or do not provide a gendered analysis of men. This applies to many studies on history, men’s ‘misery’, lifestyle, alcohol use and working life. Even studies that are more explicitly on gender, for example, on gender in working life, usually do not include an explicit gendered analysis of men and men’s practices. The gendered re-examination of this material would be most useful.

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